-An easy to follow plan
-A balanced diet
-The results

Nature form & health developed a food concept without or tablet of any sort, or calorie restriction meal replacement.

This concept was established through a questionnaire of 60 questions regarding your morphology, your character, your food tastes, your bodily responses (sweating, allergy, etc.)
It allows to define the type of organism gland of the person, responsible for the imbalance of silhouette and her weight gain:
Pituitary, thyroid, adrenals or gonads.


Once this first phase is carried out, we can move on to the development of your folder.
In short, we propose you to manage your diet based on your personality type, and, on an average of about 5 to 7 weeks.
You will thus get dramatic results.
We offer you to find or achieve your ideal weight is defined by tables or figures.
It is simply the weight at which you look like and or you feel to the best of your form.
Nature form & health offers you regulate your system your system only with food.
We will begin by you to complete a questionnaire that will examine your operating system.
Food hygiene: an art of living that is our reason to be.
Adapt the diet at the age, gender, activities and pathological States.
This is the definition of food hygiene that offers the Larousse dictionary. The harmony between the way of eating and the requirements
the organization is the general principle that Nature & health implements to help you find a harmonious and healthy body.
And especially you allow to remain, because food hygiene is an integral part of your health.
It alone can guarantee essential inputs to your organization (mineral, vitamin, protein, ballast substances, etc.) and facilitate the assimilation.
It only can help you to manage stressful situations or correct a deficient condition. And this in accordance with your tastes, habits and the constraints of your social and professional environment.
Food hygiene, hygiene of health, hygiene of life... Nature form & health offers a system that is plans to life with their retinue of frustrations and their imbalances.
Discover your body type
There are in the system that develops Nature & health, a preliminary step:
-The discovery of your body type.
Knowing your type of organization, teach you the reasons of your excess weight. You will know what foods you need to banish your plate, even if others can absorb these same foods in losing weight.
You will learn what foods you need to eat to get rid of your cravings and achieve a good balance. Thus, you will know when you need to eat, if your main meal must be morning, noon or night.
In short, your body type will determine the power mode that suits you to become thin (or grow) and remain.


Rule # 1 - work with your type of organization.
Eat foods that meet the needs of your organization. The specific combination of foods is different for each of the four types of organisms. But whatever the case, it's essentially reduce the consumption of challenging the dominant gland in your body feed (these are hazardous foods), and to encourage the consumption of foods that will activate the lazy glands in your body.
Rule # 2 - respect the work of your plan.
Each type of organization is a 5 week program: four weeks of weight loss and a week for the last three kilograms. You can repeat this phase of 5 weeks as many times as it takes to achieve your ideal weight.
In principle, the last three kilos are much more difficult to lose, because they are made by this particular fat called cellulite.
Cellulite is fripee and becomes fat which is deposited under the skin and are familiar with most of the women and some men.
The regime of the last three kilograms is designed to facilitate the elimination of this cellulite. Associated with lymphatic drainage, the results are striking.
Rule # 3 - take your meals in the hours that are appropriate for your organization.
The time of the meals is just as important as the nature of the foods you eat.
Each type of body has a rhythm, a time of day at which the dominant gland is less active and an hour or it is more active.
Avoid eating at any time or
Rule # 4 - snack, but not randomly.
Sometimes you'll have a craving and you won't be able to resist.
The craving is not random. It is linked to the pace of the dominant gland. If you choose a food that activates another gland, you satisfy your munchies and you will give your body the he needs, without compromising your diet.
Cellulite is the presence of toxins in the blood and lymph (a liquid element that bathes the cells).
This in reality more complex poisoning occurs under the influence of various factors that are mainly due to poor nutrition and a glandular imbalance.
Cellulite is the result of a reflex in the connective tissue that could compare to likely dilate and constrict blood vessels, the reflex vago-sympathetic.
Eventually, there is formation of fibrous tissue. The imprisonment of the nerve roots in the Anti-cellulitis fibre is the cause of many pain (headache, back pain, sciatica,...)
Because cellulitis can develop everywhere, even around the organs.