This scheme, designed for you alone is valid indefinitely.
You can use it as many times you want.


I propose you a diet tailored without substitute of meal or tablets of any kind.
It is established through a questionnaire of 60 questions regarding your morphology, your character, your tastes and eating habits (vegetarian, vegan, etc.), and your potential medical problems (diabetes,...).

This questionnaire to define your type of glandular body responsible for the imbalance of your figure and your weight gain: the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals or gonads.
This scheme is based on a traditional diet that will be different for each category of persons.

It consists of three phases:

1st phase: duration 4 weeks.
It must be respected rigorously, because it is in this phase that you will lose the most weight.
You will need to renew the four weeks as many times you'll have to lose weight.
You lose about 10% of the weight of your body in four weeks.

2nd phase: duration 1-2 weeks (depending on the case).
It looks like the first, except that in this case, there is a slight reduction in calories, which helps the body to eliminate the last kilos which are often the most difficult to lose.

3rd phase: indefinite.
A booklet, with all indications to avoid repeat of the weight you will be presented.
It will contain the list of good foods for you, (that you can eat at will and when you want to), the list of average food, (that you can eat with moderation), and the list of bad food,
(that you need to consume unusually).
From these lists, you can thus manage your diet and do not regain of weight.
In this case or you reprendriez a few kilos, lack of will or other, you can simply repeat the first phase and so roll back unnecessary pounds.