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Your Diet

- Think you're too old to lose weight !?
- You can not, it's too hard, too strict ?
- You have hormone treatments and lots of water retention !?
- You eat lightly at each meal , and do not lose any kilo ?
- You are afraid to deprive yourself ?
- Your work schedule prevents you to diet properly !?
- At the slightest deviation during a diet you take 2 kilos !?
- Once you start a diet you have mood changes !?
- You took the pill, have had a baby and you have gained weight !?
- You took riding breeches , belly , everywhere and you do not understand !?
- I play sports and I did not grow thinner !?

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Dominique MEYER

More than 15 years of experience ...

I suggest if you want a phone interview to complete the questionnaire and adapt your diet together.
If you like I'm moving in your area, Seminars , Consultations, ... ( See conditions).
You can also visit me at my office in Alsace , Switzerland or the Gulf of St. Tropez.